Social and Hospitality

Elliot Sokolov is the moderator for this page.  Any GCBA member is welcome to log in and use the “comment” function to post questions or suggestions here relating to social events and/or welcoming new members.

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  1. Ellen Adelman says:

    Hi John, Can you please tell me the activity planned for Saturday night July 16?

    Thanks, Ellen Adelman

  2. John Simpson says:

    FAO of Mr John Bergherr or other Goldens Bridge Community Association office bearers

    Dear John et al, My apologies for an email out of the blue. I wondered if you could email me so that I can ask a very specific Goldens Bridge-related question please? Many thanks

    John Simpson

    • Dan Fast says:

      Hi John,
      I’m the Board Secretary, and I may be able to answer your question. Unfortunately this webpage is not monitored in a timely manner, so I just happened to see this. If you still have questions email me at:
      Dan Fast

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