Roads and Town

Fred Margolies is the moderators for this page.  Any GCBA member is welcome to log in and use the “comment” function to post comments and suggestions regarding road conditions or relations with the Town of Lewisboro.

  • Following on the motion passed at the Membership Meeting of April, 2009, an online poll on considering slectively paving trouble spots on our dirt roads was made available to the membership.  The Roads Committee is responsible for identifying these trouble spots.  The online poll closed on May 31.
  • A paper ballot was distributed in July and concluded in August on the same subject.  23 members voted in favor, 21 against.
  • Comments on the poll have been archived on a separate page.  Further comments should be added to this page.  Please note that you must log in to add comments.
  • If you are interested in being part of the decision-making process on road maintenance, please join the Roads Committee! Contact Fred Margolies to let him know you are interested.

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