The Goldens Bridge Community Association is administered by 15 member Executive Board elected by the membership. The Board consists of 4 officers: President, Vice-president,Treasurer, Secretary and eleven members at large. Officers are elected for one-year terms and Members-at-large for two-years.  Elections are held annually at the August membership meeting. A nomination committee is formed prior to the annual elections and all members in good standing are encouraged to run for the Board. 

Board meetings are held monthly and special meetings can be called in case of an emergency. Board meetings are open to all members. Meetings are usually held in the Teen Center at the Barn and at members’ homes during the colder months. Membership meetings are normally held four times a year, April, July, August and October. Dates and times are published in Road Four. Announcements of meetings are also mailed to members at least 30 days before a meeting.



Committees are vital to the life of the community. Participation is voluntary and all community members are urged to join. If you are interested in joining a committee, come to a membership meeting or ask your neighbors about committee activities. When necessary a new committee can be formed or an older one disbanded if no longer needed.

Barn Committee is responsible for monitoring and scheduling the use of the barn, teen center, and ballfield during the year. When not in use the Barn can be used, with permission, for private functions, by colony members.

Beach Committee is charged with general oversight of the beach, volleyball court, handball court, and beach parking lot. Our lake and beach area operates in accordance with the regulations of the Westchester County Health Department. A director of Water Safety and Beach Management is selected to oversee the beach area. The Committee hires and supervises lifeguards during the summer season and is responsible for maintaining the physical facilities of the beach areas.

Camp Committee operates our day camp. Membership on the committee is open to all community members.  The camp season begins in early July and runs until late August. Camp utilizes the facilities of the barn, ballfield, handball court, as well as the beach and lake areas. Although camp registration is open to children of the greater Goldens Bridge area, priority is given to residents of Goldens Bridge Colony.

Environmental Committee monitors and improve various aspects of our environment such as grounds, trees, the 17 acres and the appearance of the community in general. The committee organizes an annual spring clean-up when community members gather to pick up, spruce up, and clear away winter debris.

Finance Committee’s major function is the preparation of our yearly budget. The treasurer coordinates with various committees to ascertain budget expense and income requirements for the fiscal year which runs from January 1 through December 31. The Finance Committee also assists the Treasurer with other financial matters.

Hospitality Committee welcomes new members into the community.

Legal Committee’s job is three-fold: To review all real estate transactions to insure that the Association’s rights are respected and preserved. To assist in the resolution of disputes involving the Community, its members, or other entities in a manner consistent with the Community’s goals. To coordinate with the Association’s counsel in representation of the Community in its litigation or dealings with public officials, agencies, or bodies, Our continuing concerns include the covenants covering virtually all land in the Colony incorporating a “right of first refusal” when land is transferred; the Community’s and members’ rights and obligations in all of their dealings with each other; and any disputes, complications and questions as they arise,

Rental and Sales Committee is responsible for the creation and maintenance of a pool of prospective buyers for Colony houses that may come up for sale. The Committee recommends to the Board and membership a set of procedures for assigning our “first option to purchase” pursuant to the covenants. The Committee interviews prospective buyers for the “pool.” informs “pool” members of available properties, and may recommend to the Board a single buyer In cases where there are several prospective buyers, using existing criteria. Committee also assists potential summer renters by maintaining a clearinghouse of units available during the summer season.

Road Committee is charged with overseeing the use and condition of the roads in the Colony. Should problems occur with parking, enforcement of speed limits, the physical condition of the roads, or general traffic patterns, the Road Committee may contact the Lewisboro Superintendent of Highways and recommend action to the Board.

Road Four, our community newsletter, is published at various times during the year according to the policy determined by the committee. Minutes of Executive Board and Membership meetings are published in Road Four. But much more important, Road Four keeps us informed about current and former members and information of concern to every member of the community as a whole. Community members are encouraged to submit articles, news or other personal items that may be of interest to its readers.

Social Committee is the social, cultural, educational, and entertainment backbone of the community. From September to June of each year, the committee plans, organizes, and implements a diverse, exciting program of events and activities for the summer season which culminates on Labor Day weekend with the “Banquet.” Most of our summer activities take place in the Barn. Some events, weather permitting, are held at the beach.

Town Committee represent the Colony’s interests with regard to the activities of the Town of Lewisboro . Members attend meetings of the Lewisboro Town Board, Lewisboro planning Board, and the Zoning Board of Appeals. As a community, we take an active interest in commercial and residential development plans for Goldens Bridge proper, the Goldens Bridge area and Lewisboro in general.

Water Committee This committee is charged with the operation, maintenance and improvement of the Colony Water System.


ROADS:  Please obey the 15 MPH speed limit so that we may continue to walk our roads in safety. Do not block roads with vehicles. Emergency vehicles such as fire trucks, ambulances, and snow plows need plenty of room to negotiate our narrow roads.

WATER: Please CONSERVE! In addition to private wells, the Colony maintains a water distribution system. Since ground water is the source for all colony water, conservation is important. In the case of a power failure, those homes on colony water should restrict their use of water. Continued draw of water during a power outage can result in damage to well pumps. Please do not discharge any substances into our lake. Do not walk dogs on or along Colony well properties. Do not dump or permit others to dump on or along Colony well properties. It is unlawful to dump or discharge automobile anti-freeze, oil, solvents or chlorinated or hydrocarbon compounds into the ground.

LAKE PRIVILEGES : The lake and beach area is available to all members in good standing, as well as their tenants and guests.

BEACH PARKING: Parking is not allowed along the roadways bordering the lake. For those choosing to drive to the beach and lake area, parking is provided at the corner of Main Street and Hall Avenue .

GARBAGE: Garbage is picked up twice weekly during the summer and once a week during the winter. Garbage for pick up is stored in sheds adjacent to the roadway . Garbage should be stored inside the shed only. If you need to discard construction debris, stoves, couches, etc. arrangements can be made with the sanitation company or you can make your own arrangements for removal. Your cooperation is essential to help keep Goldens Bridge clean.

ROAD FOUR: Our community newsletter is available to all members and tenants. It contains newsworthy items and notices of important events to keep you informed.

RECYCLING: Bundled and tied newspapers are collected the first and third Wednesday of the month. Hard plastic containers and glass jars and bottles are collected on the second and fourth Wednesdays. If there is a fifth Wednesday, no collection of newspapers or plastic containers occurs. Owners must provide a separate container, displaying a recycling sticker, for items that are to be recycled. This sticker is available from the community.

DOGS: Lewisboro leash laws require that dogs must be walked on a leash or under voice control at all times. Dogs are not permitted to roam on the roads or anywhere other than on the owner’s property. The dog warden will be alerted to pick up any dogs that are found unleashed. By order of the Westchester County Department of Health. DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE BEACH AREA OR THE LAKE AT ANY TIME! Please be considerate of your neighbors with regard to your pets, and do not jeopardize our bathing beach permits by allowing your pets to play or swim in our lake or at the beach area.

Once again the Goldens Bridge Community Association would like to welcome you to our community, and hope living here will be both a pleasurable and rewarding experience. WELCOME!